Monday, November 24, 2008

Harvest on the Farm 2008

Fall is a beautiful time of year~ the temps in Minnesota are still on the mild side, the trees are various shades of reds~orange~golden~ mixed with browns n greens to create a most awesome sight.

It's also time for the corn and soybean harvest, the fruits of the farmer toiling the soil.

Pictured are the semi trucks waiting to haul the corn to the storage bin site, the large blue grain cart unloads the corn into the semi's, so the combine does not have to stop to unload the grain, like in the old days of farming. These carts move along side the combine when they are full they unload in the semi trailer. This is modern day farming at it's best, so the farmer can continue to harvest, thus less time in the field, saving money in fuel.

The massive combine is a John Deere 30 ft corn head which combines 18 rows of corn at a time, it gives the moisture of the corn, plus yield~ it's an amazing machine. The grain cart is pulled by a Cat track tractor.

Gone are the days of walking the soybean fields pulling and hoeing the weeds by hand, Pete and I enjoyed this time together with nature and the earth, listening to the wind talking thru the soybeans, rustling the trees near the creek, a deer drinking water, unseen by man except in the soybean field. I got a great farmer tan~!

Today at coffee the older men were reminiscing about the past, last time horses were used to plant or plow the prairies in our area, during the 1940's the work horse era seized to exist, tractors had arrived.

The old truck in the picture we call Chet~ after my grandfather~ it was his farm truck. We use him to haul the completed wood or metal art from the woodshed/metal shop to the house. We love chet, he's a good old truck. My grandfather lived to be 102, was a farmer and blacksmith so it's fitting that Chet the truck has a new home here at the farm. I call Pete the modern day blacksmith.

I'm going thru old photo's from my mother in law with more pictures from the past on the farm so come again to reminisce about the good old times when life was simple.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sneak Peek of a New Birdhouse

Yesterday in Minnesota was beautiful here on the prairie, no wind, mild temps. rare~!
So I was busy taking pictures of our new items to list on Etsy.

Later in the evening tryed to download them into our computer, no disk found. grrrrrr. Hello there mr puter it's in there~ can't you sense it, nothing has changed from the day before.

I'm thinking to myself, give me back my old digital camera with the floppy disk~ so simple, never had issues. Someone decided they were outdated, must continue to make things better, I understand that way of thinking,but sometimes old items work fine. The old saying, "If it's not broken don't fix it" is very true.

Oh guess I began rambling again, do this from time to time. Sorry. :) Anyways, we call this new birdhouse "Limeaide with a twist of Pink." She'll be available in numerous color combinations, in my glory playing with paint palettes.

Still to come, Harvest pictures from the farm, War Eagle show in Arkansas, mini trip to Kentucky and more story's about farm life.

Till next time~ have a grand week~!