Sunday, October 25, 2009

Miss Pepper Our New Border Collie

Hello~ my name is Miss Pepper I'm a 5 year old Border Collie female and I'm so thankful that Pete and Tanya rescued me from the Human Society. I love living on the farm where I can roam, romp and play ball with my new family who loves me uncondionally. They tell me I've brought them love and laughter~!

Just give me sticks and I'm happy~

Kinda like this white stuff humans call snow~!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Colonial Charm Birdhouse Featured in October 2009 Issue of ~This Old House Magazine~

We were contacted by This Old House Magazine this past summer, they wanted one of our birdhouses for the October 2009 issue of there magazine. Needless to say we were honored to have been chosen.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Garter Snake by "MY" Picture Taking Tree~ How dare Him.....

Yes the snake is harmless, garter species but~ doesn't he know it's My backyard and MY tree for picture taking for Etsy, geez, lol. Got the pictures taken of our new style birdhouse for Etsy.

Our new rustic birdhouse with handcut metal art flower~

Wrens do love our birdhouses~ have to control myself tho, I want to push in the sticks hanging out the opening, we enjoy watching them from the kitchen window. Love birds and nature.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Young Visitor at the Farm Today

Taking pictures of birdhouses to list on Etsy, Ellie our border collie-lab begins barking like a crazy woman~I look around to see why. A little bambi was in our yard, they are sooo adorable & sweet when they are young. Since this picture was taken this lil guy has been in our yard numerous times.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Flowers Wish I Had a Green Thumb~!

They were lovely until we did our 1st show of the summer season in June, had to over water so they would survive us being gone. Glad I took these photos so at least I can come to the blog to see them.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

We've Got Snow on the Farm

Yes it was snowing last week here at the farm but from the huge cottonwood tree located in our yard. For several days the cotton is blowing similiar to snow in the winter.

I'd not noticed the tree before full of cotton on the branches, nature is beautiful. Every Spring we have the snow for a few days but in my hurry up world had not stopped to observe.

So think there is a lesson for myself and maybe anyone who reads this, we really need to stop~ look~ and listen when we are outside.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Planting Corn on the Farm 2009 ~ It's peeping up already~!

Beautiful site to behold~ the planting of 2009's corn crop. Perfect conditions this year~ The soil was dry on top with plenty of moisture below the surface, a perfect seed bed.

Now if we are blessed with timely rains, plus heat units from the Sun, humidity as well~ combine these factors all together to make an excellent corn crop.

Pete and I love walking down the lane between the cornfield, listening to the rustling of the leaves, nature at it's finest. You can hear it grow~

Huge mighty John Deere Track Tractor pulling the 90 ft planter. Long way from horses.
Big Green Machine John Deere 54 row 20 inch planter.
Cloud of dust~ super dry conditions when the corn was planted, put a perfect seed bed for the plants. Finished planting on a Saturday, blessed with spring rain on Sunday~ God does provide.
I can barely back up a car or park in small spaces image backing up this 90 ft planter in tight corners of fields. Good thing I'm not driving. lol~
Off to the races to plant the corn~ This is a John Deere planter 90 feet long~ Imagine the span of steel
This picture is south of our house, you can see the Coop in the background and the tiny hamlet or town we live near.
The tiny corn plant as emerged above the ground, tender tiny plant that will grow to over 6ft tall and produce 2 or 3 ears of corn depending on rain and sun.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring at the Farm

The old farmhouse at bacon square~ she looks bare now, can't wait till the trees bear leaves and flowers and shrubs bloom then there's life on the farm once again.
Up close pictures of last years corn after fall tillage. In a few days they will use a digger to prepare the seed bed for this years corn. So check back later as I'll have pictures to share.
This picture is south of our home showing the corn stalks from last year, the tillage was a deep chisal plow, the deep frosts of Minnesota break up the soil to make a perfect seed bed for the new crop for 2009.
We'll soon be mowing the yard~ I need my farmer tan from the lawnmowers job. lol. Takes us between 6 to 7 hours to mow around all the building site. This picture is the same location as the winter one with all the snow, quite a difference.
Ellie, our border collie - lab rescue dog from the pound, soon to be 17~ the most awesome and loving dog we've owned. She's my buddy when I paint in the studio and watches Pete in the wood or metal shop too. She's the real boss of Bacon Square Farm~!
Strange appearance in our yard, notice the darker shade of green grass, Pete says this is from our garter snake runs, we find them sunning themselves on warm days. Much to my dislike.

Pete told me when we got married snakes couldn't survive the cold winters of Minnesota, ha ha. He forgot about garter snakes. Too us woman a snake is a snake, big or small.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

" Come as you are Celebration on Etsy "

We had our 2 year selling anniversary on Etsy beginning April 16th and ending April 20th. We offered a special discount as a appreciation and celebration.

Listed below are some of the latest designs from us here at the farm.

Have a great Spring everyone and birdhouses make a Awesome Mother's Day gift ~ or maybe start a collection for yourself, you'll get hooked on collecting them, plus enjoy watching the birds as well.

April fools day joke on me~ crooked Red painted birdhouse with splashes of Yellow~ Vintage Yellow faucet too!
Designer Red Oriole Bird Feeder with Yellow Ceramic Bowls

Reclaimed black old door knob Birdhouse~ Rusty steel roof~ Metal Flower so Awesome~!

Abstract Metal Art design with Black Wood Frame~!

Metal Art Abstract Design - Modern Cottage - Wall Decor

Thursday, March 26, 2009

On the Road~ Historic Champ Clark Home

Pete and I both enjoy history~ which means we explore the back roads, getting off the main highway to check out landmarks, even cemeterys, they are full of history.

Coming home from a mini weekend in Kentucky the drive home took us thru Missouri. As we approched Bowling Green a roadside sign said: Historical home of Champ Clark.

My dad had told me my grand father's nick name was Champ, so we drove into town to check out this historical home and read about the politican from Missouri.

Love lil mini trips with no particular place or destination, stopping on a whim to explore an area.

Posted the link to the website at the bottom of the pictures. Interesting read if you love history.

Link to the Champ Clark History:

Friday, March 20, 2009

Fridays Finds~ The WaterRose ~ On Etsy

One of my favorite shops on Etsy is the Waterrose~ Her workmanship with textiles and embroidery is outstanding. Love how she combines old school with a new twist-look. She's created her own unique style, calling them handcrafted obsessions. Go check out her shop, you won't be dissapointed.

Sheet Music Cuff Hand Embroidery

Pansy Appliqued Wool Felt Cuff

Queen Annes Lace Earrings

Queen Annes Lace Necklace

Check out her shop:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

3000 Hearts Give-a-Way on Etsy

We had a secret contest going~ The person who gave us our 3000th heart would win a free gift from us. So today I'm sending out this birdhouse with stainless steel rod to the winner from New Jersey.

This is the beginning of more such secret contests for our blog, love paying it forward so to speak. Hopefully this birdhouse will bring a smile to it's new owner.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Crash of our Computer~

One can survive these days enduring the crash or breakdown of a home computer with the help of public library's. I could get my daily fix perusing Etsy, keeping up with emails, and other general info. I've driven many miles to 4 nearby towns to use there public library this past week, and found them incredible.

Two of them were only a couple of years old, another has been around 50 plus years, the closest to our farm home is the smallest and open only a couple of hours 3 times a week. We are lucky to have this library which shares a tiny structure with the city snow truck, now boasts 2 computers, storytime for children, a reading area, newspapers, magazines, movie rentals, and you can request a book, all of this in a town of 128 people. It's a happening place during those two hours.

I've missed a unique world by not checking out library's, it's not a boring place, we need to continue to support them so they don't become extinct. My humble suggestion this week, peruse a library~

Computer Code Crashed Chenille Baby Bib

Check out her shop:

Carrie Bradshaw's Quotes Computer Crash
Check out her shop:

Mini - Wall Art - Arbitrary Word = Crashed
Check out this shop:

Computer Epic Fail Vinly Decal

Check out the shop:

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Challenge Man vs Steel

Pete made this fireplace hood for friends of ours who built a new home in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The legs will be attached to a raised brick firepit inside there great room.

You can walk around it, there will be chairs, people can kick back and relax in front of the fire. Roast marshmellows, make smores, hot dogs whatever??? Think of all the stories that will be shared when they entertain guests.

The stainless steel legs attach to a raised brick firepit in a the center of a home. Once again I call Pete a master artist working with steel. He has the God given talent to see a raw sheet of iron and invision a completed object.

Yes it looks like a space ship ready for take off~ but I'm actually the hood for a fireplace.

Fireplace hood constructed of stainless steel~ 4ft square in size with tapered top.

Stainless steel squared 10ft long pipe with smaller internal insert. This pipe goes up to the roof, pete made flanges for inside and outside on the roof~ Internal insert keeps heat inside so you don't get burned if you touch the pipe and prevents fires.