Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sneak Peek of a New Birdhouse

Yesterday in Minnesota was beautiful here on the prairie, no wind, mild temps. rare~!
So I was busy taking pictures of our new items to list on Etsy.

Later in the evening tryed to download them into our computer, no disk found. grrrrrr. Hello there mr puter it's in there~ can't you sense it, nothing has changed from the day before.

I'm thinking to myself, give me back my old digital camera with the floppy disk~ so simple, never had issues. Someone decided they were outdated, must continue to make things better, I understand that way of thinking,but sometimes old items work fine. The old saying, "If it's not broken don't fix it" is very true.

Oh guess I began rambling again, do this from time to time. Sorry. :) Anyways, we call this new birdhouse "Limeaide with a twist of Pink." She'll be available in numerous color combinations, in my glory playing with paint palettes.

Still to come, Harvest pictures from the farm, War Eagle show in Arkansas, mini trip to Kentucky and more story's about farm life.

Till next time~ have a grand week~!


Amy said...

Just LOVE IT!! Wonderful FUN colors!!

Tina said...

yummy hip colors!!

Monkey Snuggles said...

I love your etsy shop!! I just hearted you so I can continue to drool over that red wagon until someone buys it or I can afford it!

p.s. Tag you're it!

J.J. Killins said...

i love your etsy shop and would love to purchase the black bench! just wondering if pick up is an option as we're in MN too...just not sure how close to you!

Bacon Square Farm said...

Thanks all for peeking at our birdhouse~!