Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Challenge Man vs Steel

Pete made this fireplace hood for friends of ours who built a new home in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The legs will be attached to a raised brick firepit inside there great room.

You can walk around it, there will be chairs, people can kick back and relax in front of the fire. Roast marshmellows, make smores, hot dogs whatever??? Think of all the stories that will be shared when they entertain guests.

The stainless steel legs attach to a raised brick firepit in a the center of a home. Once again I call Pete a master artist working with steel. He has the God given talent to see a raw sheet of iron and invision a completed object.

Yes it looks like a space ship ready for take off~ but I'm actually the hood for a fireplace.

Fireplace hood constructed of stainless steel~ 4ft square in size with tapered top.

Stainless steel squared 10ft long pipe with smaller internal insert. This pipe goes up to the roof, pete made flanges for inside and outside on the roof~ Internal insert keeps heat inside so you don't get burned if you touch the pipe and prevents fires.


Sue said...

I would love one of those fireplaces....and the Black Hills are so beautiful....They are lucky...It is suppose to warm up some here next week....I so need to get my hands in the dirt and have the sun shine on my face....

Bacon Square Farm said...

Oh yes Sue, we need to feel the warm sunshine on our faces and get dirt in our fingernails. I can't wait.

I hope we get to travel out there to see this new house with the fireplace pit in the middle of there great room.

This project took Pete a long time to complete.

Thanks for peeking and your comments as well.

Enjoy your weekend, hey the sun is out today~! Yea