Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happenings on the Farm summer 2008

I'm outside taking pictures of items to list on Etsy~ but earlier I'd ventured into the machine shed, never know what treasures you'll find in that building. Tucked n wrapped laying on a flat bed trailer were mini birdhouses on a stick, hmmmm. What are they doing there? Mr Pete, these are to cute to be hidden, was my thought so up to the house they came, layed them on the brick ledge and resumed by picture taking, looked up and there was a baby bird sitting on these mini birdhouses. What a site not seen often, he was so cute. Lucky I had my camera so I could catch this moment. Looked away and it was gone, poof~ another baby bird had left the nest.

We tiled out a mud hole this summer~ this is a big deal~ With heavy rain water sits in the lowest area, thus drowning out the soybeans or corn, hence you loose yields.

Yes we have city water too, even in the boonies~ years ago a rural tower was erected 20 miles away to serve the farming community and a few smaller towns around the area. Ours sprang a leak, the two of us were using between 40 to 50 thousand gallons a month...ouch~! I took pics of the machine~ so these are a few glimpses from the summer of 2008 on the farm.

The corn is growing rapidly, very lush and green, perfect amount of rain. I loved to sit and listen to the old farmers talk at the coffee shop in the mornings. One man would say: " you can hear the corn growing at night, if you listen to those ears ". The dog days of summer, helps produce dew, for the corn and soybeans, there leaves soak up the moisture to survive the heat of the day.

Taking a few pictures of the corn drying down I noticed an ear of corn with a few kernals laying beside it. Mr squirrel is dining today on corn and stashing it away for the winter.

Come back again as I'll show pictures of the harvest.


Star of the East said...

I'm glad I discovered your blog, looks like it is going to be a joy to read :)

Bacon Square Farm said...

Oh my goodness, hello Star of the East~ Happy you found us here at the farm. I enjoy peeking at your creations/designs plus perusing your treasury's. Wish you continued success on etsy~! Come back and read more happenings. :)