Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Snipets....On the Road Again

Tulip Tree located on the grounds at Shakertown Kentucky

Stone Fence...Shakertown Kentucky...so beautiful

Sheep Shearing...Shakertown Kentucky

" Going " He handles me with such love and care.

" GONE " boy do I feel nekkid.


Shakertown Kentucky...Brick Building

Shakertown Kentucky...Horse Barn


Star of the East said...

Poor sheep, he must feel so cold :)
Happy New Year Tanya!

Bacon Square Farm said...

I thought the same thing, they must be cold, but this is the cycle, they produce wool for scarves, shawls etc.

On our journey that day we saw them spinning this wool into garmets the men and woman wore, very interesting.

Happy New Year Star~!