Tuesday, December 2, 2008

War Eagle 2008

View from our motel-cabin on Beaver Lake.

The house and barn on the original War Eagle site.

The War Eagle craft show began in 1954 with local artists only then added the states that bordered Arkansas, today they come from all over the United States. Four large tents are erected along with a barn to house the artists~ Concessions with homemade food abound. The middle picture is " Sherman " he pulls our cargo trailer, he loves to hang out along the fence in the shade.

Huge tents filled with artists from around the country
" sherman " hanging out along the fence line~ he pulls our trailer
Vendors tents along the war eagle river

The war eagle mill was constructed in 1830 by Sylvanus Blackburn~ flood washed it away and it was rebuilt. The Union and Confederate Army's used this during the early years of the civil war--it was burned during the end of the war and not replaced until 1873. Today's structure is a reproduction of the 3rd mill constructed in 1973.

It's an active mill grinding mill today, you can purchase items from there gift shops or dine upstairs on the 3rd floor~ Another step back in history moment as you walk inside the mill.

War Eagle Mill and Wooden Bridge

War Eagle Mill

Peaceful and serene river~ simple beauty.

Peaceful and serene is how to describe the war eagle area, love walking along the river or standing on the one lane wooden bridge gazing at the geese-ducks or children playing in the water, fishing too~! A step back in time when life was simple.

View of the River with tents in the background

Looking down over the War Eagle River from the road~ awesome~!

Love traveling the road to War Eagle Arkansas~ a fascinating and nostalgic historic site nestled in the rolling Ozark hills of NW Arkansas. Home of the Mill a most picturesque place in the natural state.

Fall is beautiful in Arkansas~ Love doing the craft show at War Eagle a working mini vacation for us.

In the splendor of Autumn...
Warm days, cool nights, colorful scenery- that's typical of War Eagle in October. Famous fried chicken or barbeque dinners eaten picnic-style along a mill pond reflecting the flamming fall revue and azure sky; that's the stuff of which memories are made.

~Historic War Eagle River One Lane Wooden Bridge~
~ Road to War Eagle~ love this part of the drive~ so beautiful~


Tina said...

oh T! your photos are wonderful..makes me miss going up there..walked across that bridge many times :)

Bacon Square Farm said...

Oh yes T~ I so enjoy walking over that bridge, climbing up to the top of the hill and gazing at the beauty of the area, the eagles soaring, the tree's in there fall glory~ Plus for us Northerner's the weather is incredible.