Thursday, April 16, 2009

" Come as you are Celebration on Etsy "

We had our 2 year selling anniversary on Etsy beginning April 16th and ending April 20th. We offered a special discount as a appreciation and celebration.

Listed below are some of the latest designs from us here at the farm.

Have a great Spring everyone and birdhouses make a Awesome Mother's Day gift ~ or maybe start a collection for yourself, you'll get hooked on collecting them, plus enjoy watching the birds as well.

April fools day joke on me~ crooked Red painted birdhouse with splashes of Yellow~ Vintage Yellow faucet too!
Designer Red Oriole Bird Feeder with Yellow Ceramic Bowls

Reclaimed black old door knob Birdhouse~ Rusty steel roof~ Metal Flower so Awesome~!

Abstract Metal Art design with Black Wood Frame~!

Metal Art Abstract Design - Modern Cottage - Wall Decor

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