Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring at the Farm

The old farmhouse at bacon square~ she looks bare now, can't wait till the trees bear leaves and flowers and shrubs bloom then there's life on the farm once again.
Up close pictures of last years corn after fall tillage. In a few days they will use a digger to prepare the seed bed for this years corn. So check back later as I'll have pictures to share.
This picture is south of our home showing the corn stalks from last year, the tillage was a deep chisal plow, the deep frosts of Minnesota break up the soil to make a perfect seed bed for the new crop for 2009.
We'll soon be mowing the yard~ I need my farmer tan from the lawnmowers job. lol. Takes us between 6 to 7 hours to mow around all the building site. This picture is the same location as the winter one with all the snow, quite a difference.
Ellie, our border collie - lab rescue dog from the pound, soon to be 17~ the most awesome and loving dog we've owned. She's my buddy when I paint in the studio and watches Pete in the wood or metal shop too. She's the real boss of Bacon Square Farm~!
Strange appearance in our yard, notice the darker shade of green grass, Pete says this is from our garter snake runs, we find them sunning themselves on warm days. Much to my dislike.

Pete told me when we got married snakes couldn't survive the cold winters of Minnesota, ha ha. He forgot about garter snakes. Too us woman a snake is a snake, big or small.

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