Friday, May 8, 2009

Planting Corn on the Farm 2009 ~ It's peeping up already~!

Beautiful site to behold~ the planting of 2009's corn crop. Perfect conditions this year~ The soil was dry on top with plenty of moisture below the surface, a perfect seed bed.

Now if we are blessed with timely rains, plus heat units from the Sun, humidity as well~ combine these factors all together to make an excellent corn crop.

Pete and I love walking down the lane between the cornfield, listening to the rustling of the leaves, nature at it's finest. You can hear it grow~

Huge mighty John Deere Track Tractor pulling the 90 ft planter. Long way from horses.
Big Green Machine John Deere 54 row 20 inch planter.
Cloud of dust~ super dry conditions when the corn was planted, put a perfect seed bed for the plants. Finished planting on a Saturday, blessed with spring rain on Sunday~ God does provide.
I can barely back up a car or park in small spaces image backing up this 90 ft planter in tight corners of fields. Good thing I'm not driving. lol~
Off to the races to plant the corn~ This is a John Deere planter 90 feet long~ Imagine the span of steel
This picture is south of our house, you can see the Coop in the background and the tiny hamlet or town we live near.
The tiny corn plant as emerged above the ground, tender tiny plant that will grow to over 6ft tall and produce 2 or 3 ears of corn depending on rain and sun.


twolefthands said...

Of course, I knew you lived on a farm, I didn't know you actually farmed! DUH! What a sweet life Tanya!

Bacon Square Farm said...

It's a busy life~